Glossary of Terms

Acquaintance Rape: Sexual assault in which the victim (survivor) and the perpetrator are known to each other. The perpetrator might be a friend, relative, neighbor, classmate, co-worker, religious leader, etc. It may be a passing acquaintance or someone the survivor knows intimately.

Date Rape: A specific kind of acquaintance rape, referring to assaults during a date and by a dating partner.

Date Rape Drug: Also known as Drug Facilitated Rape. Legal or Illegal drug given to a person unknowingly with the intention to commit an act of sexual assault against the impaired person.

Emergency Contraception: More commonly known as the "morning after pill." It consists of two large doses of hormones that will prevent or delay the release of an egg from the ovary if given prior to ovulation. If post-ovulation, the pill will prevent the egg from traveling down the fallopian tubes and implanting in the uterus.

Good Touch/Bad Touch: A program for children that teaches them the difference between good touches, bad touches, and inappropriate sexual touches (confusing touch).

Incest: A sexual relationship between family members (father, stepfather, brother, grandfather, uncle, cousin, etc.)

Marital Rape: Forced or nonconsensual sexual relations between marriage partners.

Pedophile: A person who gets sexual gratification through children.

Perpetrator: The person who has sexually assaulted the victim.

Rape: Slang term still used for the current legal term of sexual assault.

Sex Offender List: A list of convicted sex offenders in the area, which is available to the public through the local police department. Convicted sex offenders must register with the local police department each time they move. Most registries are available via the Internet.

Sexual Abuse: Sexual acts such as touching and fondling of the sex organs without the person's consent. Penetration may or may not be committed.

Sexual Assault:Sexual assault is the current legal term that replaced the old narrow definition of rape. It is sexual intercourse by means of vaginal, oral, or anal penetration (however slight) with a person who has not given consent. The sexual contact may be made using a sex organ or object. Sexual assault may include force, threats, and/or intimidation.

Sexual Assault Counseling:The care, therapeutic support, and coping skills provided to victims of sexual assault or sexual abuse to help them in the recovery process. It may include crisis intervention, short-term counseling, long-term therapy, or group counseling.

Survivor: A person who has been victimized by sexual assault and is learning to cope with the long-term effects associated with the trauma.

Voyeurism:The act of deriving sexual pleasure from watching others nude or having sexual intercourse (often without their knowledge).