What to Do If You Are Assaulted

If You are Raped or Assaulted

  • Call police or sheriff's department immediately.
  • Do not change clothes, douche, shower, use the bathroom, brush your teeth, or drink anything.
  • Go to the hospital emergency room.
  • Bring a change of clothes to the hospital.
  • Call the Prairie Center hotline for an advocate to meet you and support you through the process.

Rape Victims Have Rights

As a survivor, you have the right to...

  • Be believed.
  • Determine whether or not you want to report the sexual assault to law enforcement.
  • Be treated in a considerate and sensitive manner by law enforcement and prosecution personnel.
  • Not be exposed to prejudice because of your race, age, class, lifestyle, or occupation.
  • Be considered a rape survivor regardless of the relationship of the assailant to you (i.e., spouse, partner, acquaintance, relative, etc.).
  • Qualify for funds for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation and, in the case of death, funeral and burial costs.
  • Request services such as psychological counseling, court transportation/accompaniment, or emergency financial assistance from local victim/witness assistance or rape crisis center.
  • Be informed about the details and progress of your case by the state's attorney.
  • Submit a victim impact statement to the court, attend sentencing and parole hearings of the offender, and be notified of parole release if you so request.
  • You have the right to survive!